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Jul 12, 2018
About Us

The Expertise behind Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape

Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape, the leading provider of comprehensive turf care and landscaping services in the Home and Garden industry, takes pride in our exceptional team of dedicated Turf Tech professionals. With years of experience and a meticulous eye for detail, our Turf Tech Team is committed to delivering lush, healthy lawns and exquisite landscapes.

Unparalleled Turf Care Services

At Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape, we understand the importance of a healthy, vibrant lawn. Our Turf Tech Team undergoes rigorous training to develop a deep understanding of various grass types and their specific needs. Whether you have warm-season or cool-season grass, our experts will tailor a customized turf care plan to address your lawn's unique requirements.

With an in-depth knowledge of soil science, our Turf Tech Team performs comprehensive soil analysis to determine the optimal nutrient balance and pH level for your lawn. We utilize advanced equipment and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure precise fertilization, weed control, and pest management. Our team will closely monitor your turf's health, making adjustments as necessary to keep it thriving throughout the seasons.

Skilled Landscape Architects

Enhancing your outdoor space goes beyond just maintaining a healthy lawn. Our Turf Tech Team includes skilled landscape architects who specialize in creating breathtaking landscapes that perfectly complement your home's aesthetics.

During our initial consultation, our landscape architects will listen attentively to your vision and assess your property's unique characteristics. They will then design a personalized landscape plan that maximizes your outdoor space's potential, incorporating the best plants, hardscapes, and lighting solutions to create an enchanting and functional environment.

From designing inviting pathways and tranquil water features to selecting the perfect trees and shrubs, our Turf Tech landscape architects have the expertise to transform your property into a mesmerizing outdoor retreat.

Unrivaled Customer Service

At Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape, customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Our Turf Tech Team not only provides exceptional turf care and landscaping services but also ensures a seamless and delightful customer experience.

With a friendly and knowledgeable support staff, we are always available to answer your inquiries and provide expert guidance. Our team values clear communication and will keep you informed at every step, from the initial consultation to the completion of your lawn or landscape project.

We take pride in our punctuality and attention to detail, ensuring that each aspect of your turf care or landscaping service is executed to perfection. Our Turf Tech Team strives to exceed your expectations, leaving you with a stunning outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Ready to experience the exceptional services provided by our Turf Tech Team at Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape? Our knowledgeable team members are here to assist you in achieving a lush and healthy lawn or an awe-inspiring landscape.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our Turf Tech experts can transform your outdoor space into a captivating retreat.

Michele Lindemann
The dedication and years of experience of the Turf Tech professionals at Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape shine through in the quality of their work.
Feb 4, 2023
Seal Ronald
The dedication and professionalism of the Turf Tech team reflect their commitment to excellence in turf care and landscaping services.
Aug 29, 2022
Mariea Condulimazi
Impressive to see the Turf Tech team's commitment to delivering top-notch landscaping and turf care services. A reliable team indeed!
Nov 21, 2021
Raffaele Rasini
Great to learn more about the Turf Tech team and their dedication to providing exceptional turf care and landscaping services! 👍
Oct 30, 2021
Marci Gregson
It's inspiring to see the level of expertise and dedication of the Turf Tech team at Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape. They set a great example in the industry.
Oct 14, 2021
Samuel Turner
I appreciate the hard work and expertise of the Turf Tech team at Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape. They truly make a difference in the industry!
Jul 8, 2021
Gala Aranaga
Kudos to the dedicated team of Turf Tech professionals for consistently delivering outstanding turf care and landscaping services.
Jul 24, 2020
Britney Littlejohn
The expertise and meticulous approach of the Turf Tech team are evident in the exceptional turf care and landscaping services they provide.
May 6, 2020
Rhian Lewis
The Turf Tech team's dedication to providing top-quality turf care and landscaping services is truly remarkable. Keep up the great work!
Jul 9, 2019
Nicholus Thomas
The expertise and experience of the Turf Tech professionals at Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape are truly commendable. Keep up the good work!
Jan 15, 2019