What's Bugging You

Sep 17, 2018

Welcome to Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape's 'What's Bugging You' category, your comprehensive guide to dealing with common garden pests and maintaining a vibrant and healthy garden. In this section, we provide expert advice, useful tips, and effective solutions that will help you protect your plants and address any pest-related challenges you may encounter.

The Importance of Pest Control in Home and Garden

Pests can wreak havoc on your garden, causing damage to plants, flowers, and even your lawn. That's why it's crucial to implement effective pest control measures to preserve the beauty and health of your outdoor space. At Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape, we understand the significance of keeping your garden free from pests, and we are here to guide you through the process.

Common Garden Pests and How to Identify Them

In this section, we will discuss various common garden pests and provide detailed information on how to identify them. From insects like aphids, caterpillars, and beetles to larger pests such as rabbits and deer, we cover it all. Understanding the pests that can damage your garden is the first step in developing an effective control strategy.


Aphids are tiny insects that can multiply rapidly and cause damage to your plants. They feed on sap, which weakens the plants and hinders their growth. In this subsection, we will explore different types of aphids, their life cycles, and effective methods to control their populations.


Caterpillars are the larvae stage of butterflies and moths. While some may be harmless, others can be voracious eaters that defoliate your plants. We will delve into the identification of caterpillars, their impact on plants, and ways to manage their numbers using organic and eco-friendly techniques.


Beetles can be a nuisance in any garden, as they can chew on leaves, flowers, and fruits. In this subsection, we will explore different species of beetles, discuss their habits, and provide tips on how to prevent and control their presence in your garden.


Rabbits are adorable creatures, but they can cause significant damage to your garden by nibbling on plants and digging holes. We will provide insights on rabbit behavior, effective fencing techniques, and other strategies to keep these furry intruders at bay without causing them harm.


Deer can devour entire flower beds and destroy shrubs, leaving your garden in ruins. Knowing how to deter deer effectively is crucial. In this section, we will discuss deer behavior, plants that are less appealing to them, as well as proven deterrents to protect your garden from their appetite.

Tips for Natural Pest Control and Prevention

For those who prefer using natural approaches, we have dedicated this section to organic pest control and prevention methods. From companion planting to beneficial insects and homemade remedies, we will share valuable techniques that will help you maintain a pest-free garden without relying on harmful chemicals.

Protect Your Garden, Protect Your Investment

Your garden is an investment of time, effort, and resources. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting, understanding how to tackle common garden pests is key to preserving your investment. Our comprehensive guides will equip you with the knowledge needed to identify, prevent, and manage pest infestations effectively.

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At Emerald Green Lawn & Landscape, we are firm believers in the power of knowledge and proper pest management. With our 'What's Bugging You' category, you can access in-depth information and effective solutions to protect your plants and maintain a beautiful garden throughout the seasons. Whether you're dealing with aphids, caterpillars, beetles, rabbits, or deer, our guides will provide you with the necessary tools to overcome any pest-related challenge.

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